Chrome Tutorials: Master Your Web Browser

Google Chrome is one of the best and most famous web browsers in the world. It allows you to browse different web pages and is loaded with numerous hidden hacks that can streamline your digital life and internet-browsing experience. From the simple tricks that allow us to send emails from the Omnibar to the extensions that let us share images on Pinterest without any issue, Google Chrome has all the options and features to ease our work. Here we have shared some tips to master your web browser easily and at a fast speed.

1. Sign in to Google Chrome and Make Your Own Profile:

It may sound super obvious, but we must sign in to the Chrome browser once in a day. Doing so will allow us to save and sync things like our history, bookmarks, passwords and the other settings. We can also change everything in our Google Account as per our requirements.

If you have multiple Google accounts (both for personal and professional purposes), you should create your profile with your original name, photo, and email ID. This will let the world know about your presence and will make your work easier.

2. Delete the history and browse in private:

There are times when we don't want Chrome to save what we visit or download. If you want to ensure your privacy and safety on the net, then we suggest you delete the history now and then or browse anonymously. You must delete the cookies and other information on a regular basis.

3. Learn the basic keyboard commands:

There are tons of keyword commands such as Ctrl + T, Ctrl + W, Ctrl + Shift + T, Ctrl + L, Ctrl + Tab, and Ctrl + Shift + Tab. You must learn about all of these commands to improve your user experience. If you want to allow your friends to use your computer system or laptop, you should go to the Settings area and Add A Person. It will let your colleagues access your device anywhere and anytime.

4. Use its Task Manager and Autofill Settings

We can use Chrome Task Manager option to find out what is slowing our session down. We can also use the Autofill Settings to protect our username and password. It will prevent our computer system from entering the credit card details or PayPal passwords automatically. For this, you would have to go to the Chrome Settings and click on the Manage Autofill Settings.

5. Enjoy its options

One of the most distinctive features of Google Chrome is that it allows you to enjoy its various features and options. For instance, you can use its "Pin Tab" feature. With this option, you can adjust the locations of your tabs and keep the most important tabs on the left side. You can also lock the most important tabs and reduce their icon size or squeeze them as per your requirements.

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